Friday, December 6, 2019

Those who killed disha are died ! but those who caused to death are still alive?

Those who killed Disha are died ! but those who caused to death are still alive?

Yes it is true . Four accused who killed Disha were dead, but the cops who neglected the complaint of Disha Parents and poked with their hard words will continue their duties as usually after some days. 

People who celebrating the death of accused as festival cannot be justified completely. The culprits were dead instant justice was served. But , But if the police responded without poking them with hard words immediately when Disha parents had given complaint the incident would not took placed. 

This seems just like failed to perform duty and rectified it by serving instant justice. Prevention is better than cure. Committing rape is a psychological disorder, does psychological disorder patient cares about law?  does death scares him ?   

yes police cannot protect each and every women every where but at least they have to respond for the complaint given by the victim. The problem is with system, friendly policing is remained to statements of officials but not implemented in police stations. 

If the police had reacted intime and followup the case instantly there will be  maximum chances  to save Disha, The victim died brutally she cannot be bring back with the death of  culprits although it may be some relief to the parents of Victim but it cannot bring back their daughter alive. 

If the culprits death is justification for the death of Disha. where is answer for negligence of police ?
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