Friday, December 13, 2019

Andhrapradesh Assembly remembering Sabhaparvam in Mahabharatham: Chandrababu Naidu as Droupathi

Andhrapradesh Assembly remembering Sabhaparvam in Mahabharatham: Chandrababu Naidu as Droupathi

As seen from the Assembly sessions, Politics in Andhrapradesh is turning to hot topic. Targeting Chandrababu naidu and humiliating him has become primary agenda for ruling party in Andhrapradesh, that too in Assembly. 

As if it observed from Sabhaparvam episode, Droupathi was humilated by Kauravas. Whatever the game play of Kouravas may be,  the main target of Kourava is to humilate Droupathi as well as whatever the topic is   in Andhrapradesh the main agenda of ruling party is to humilate Chandrababu naidu. 

Andhrapradesh Assembly had become a stage show. where the political parties are utilising their members to humiliate opposition leaders. The chairperson is playing a role of Drutharashtra. Entire state was watching that stage show. 

Common educated are expressing their opinions that it is better to introduce breath analyser in Assembly. Thats the present situation in Andhrapradesh. 

Although former Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh is giving an opportunity of mic to Opposition leader and Ex chief minister the counter management system is transparent about humiliation of Chandrababu naidu. Although it is a defensive technique but some ministers are performing their acts with no due respect to his co members. They are behaving as they behaved before an media organisation.

Assembly is a noble place for state. 

Counter to opposition party leaders - scolding oppostion party leaders ? there is much difference between those two things. 

Chief minister of Andhrapradesh is playing an efficient role in countering allegations of opposition party. But rest of the members are personally targeting opposition leader arrogantly, that is not a good aspect in Democracy.  Those acts to be controlled by  Chief Minister of the state. But it  does not seems he has command over his members.

The question is that what does  next generations shall learn from the behaviour of  present politicians acts in assembly. Either to scold some one who questions about some thing or to learn how to counter the allegations of oppositions parties?. 
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