Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hyderabad Rape accused died: Justice for Disha

Hyderabad Rape accused died: Justice for Disha

Finally Police succeed in establishing justice for Disha. In early morning of today police had taken accused to reconstruct scene, at the scene accused tried to escape, meanwhile they attacked on police with stones. Police to defend themselves fired on accused and accused died . 

Whatever it may people are happy with death of accused. Even Disha mother expressed her feeling that she want to see culprits dead body.

CP Sajjan is being appreciated by people. It is a milestone achievement for police. people who thrown chappals had appreciated police by welcoming them with flowers.  

People strongly believed that the culprits are not having right to live in this world. They strongly condemned  taking the accused to remand  to court instead of instant justice. Now all of them are happy with the acts of police.  
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