Monday, November 18, 2019

Who are ultimate sufferers of English Medium in Government Schools ?

Telugu  was not eliminated from subject list in government schools. People who are criticising about introducing English medium in government schools shall rethink about their comments. because Telugu subject is not at all eliminated but Telugu medium is eradicated.

The real problem in eliminating Telugu medium in government schools is :

For example if a student is studying 9th standard in Telugu medium, a sudden introduction of compulsory English medium will show impact on his 10th standard. He will not be able to be perfect in subjects in which he read in Telugu medium before as he have to study the subjects in English medium. The student will unable to understand new medium of studies as English medium is totally new to him. 

introducing English medium in Government schools cannot be blamed, but sudden application of English medium to all standards of students will trouble the students. they may loss interest on studies as such English medium introduction will keep them in confusion state.   in this issue Students are ultimate sufferers .

instead of application of English medium to all class students it would be better if it was introduced to schools step by step else it will be appreciated if both mediums are maintained equally.  but introducing the English medium to all the students will result a negative impact on student educational career.

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