Sunday, November 17, 2019

Rajanikanth Darbar Motion Poster has already received 7,284,198 views

Rajinikanth Durbar Movie Motion Poster Released, Directed by Murugadoss.Dhanush posted the teaser of the film on his Twitter account. The poster shows Rajinikanth playing the role of a policeman. The Rajinikanth, Murugadoss Combination is a very interesting one. Muragadoss presented by Ghajani cinema and at present it  is excited about how Murgadoss will present Rajinikanth .
The film, however, is in the sky or on the ground. Analysts' analysis is not mediocre. Anirudh is composing the music for the film and Laika Productions Subhaskaran is presenting the film. Rajinikanth is playing the role of Aditya Arunasalam.Released on YouTube on November 7th, Motion Poster has already received 7,284,198 views.

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