Monday, November 25, 2019

Telangana remembers Andhra Elections :

Telangana remembers Andhra Elections :

In Nandyala Elections then Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu naidu had taken that election as Prestigious aspect to defeat oppositions. As well as present Telangana Chief Minister took Huzurnagar elections as prestigious project.

Both of the chief ministers won their prestigious aspects. But here there is little bit difference. That difference is slight line. Ex Chief minister of Andhra lost the election race.

The slight line :
In Andhra  by - elections at Nandyala TDP won its fight as well as TRS too won in Huzurnagar elections. That doses not mean that ruling party is not having peoples opposition.       

Every one who are having political knowledge knows why they won in by elections. Now struggles of RTC in Telangana were being witnessed by entire Country. They done strikes, with a hope to make RTC as govermental organisation, they went to strikes for recginisation of their rights, they went to strikes for legal sancity for their work.

Now those who have participated in strikes became victims in the hands of ruling party.  The future of theirs and their family members became question mark.

KCR in a statement said that "RTC workers are being used by unions" so in such a case why Government is not allowing them to rejoin them in their jobs.

Why  Government is using police force against RTC workers ?

Although Government is successful in leading the RTC by utilising contract and temporary workers, that many accidents were took placed in such adventure, Government shall not forgot such odd situations.

Now at present RTC workers issue is big issue in Telangana State and such issue is definitely a remarkable mistake of the ruling government and that mistake will chase ruling government till the elections unless government takes eradication steps.

KCR is a born politician from Telangana Agitation, Telangana agitation is a milestone for TRS party there is no doubt in that. But that KCR reaction over RTC workers is not at all tenable.

KCR is the person who nourished the agitations campaign inTelangana, once upon a time he is the person who filled the heart of the Telangana people with disgust on Andhra settelers in Telangana area with his speeches and that is through with a agitaions. 

The point of determination is that whether KCR s point of view among RTC workers strike is correct or not?

Now Telangana RTC workers stopped their strike and they are disclosing their intention to participate in their work. In such a situation it is the time for KCR to meet the employes and let them know why some persons are utilizing them as tool to revolt against government and it is his responsibility as Chief minister to explain current situations.

irrespective of that leaving them to their fate and making them to suffer for what they  done is not a good aspect. That will create sympathy over RTC workers. That means Government is creating itself anti government vote bank.

eye for eye tooth for tooth doesnot work in this situations. Any way the ruling party in Telangana will get negative feedback in this issue, that is for sure. This type of ruling can be said as "authoritarianism ". 
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