Monday, November 18, 2019

Dont bother about cases : Chandrababu naidu

Dont bother about cases : Chandrababu naidu

Andhrapradesh Ex Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu visited Chintamaneni Residence and conducted a press meet in his residence and also conducted a meeting for party members.

"Ysr congress in order to harass Telugudesam party members, MLA s , EX MLA s and MLC   registering  false cases against them." - he stated

He said to the party members to not scare about their activites, Local election will give a possitve results to the party. 

Chandrababu naidu discussed about sand problem in state and about the struggles of the daily labourer who are dependning up on sand. He also discussed about Telugu language issue and press liberty.

From the statements of Chandrababu naidu it was observed that he is strongly getting ready for local election. if observed the Chandrababu naidu strategy he wants to utilise local election victory to make transprent EVM issue. As local election will be conducted in ballot method, so if tdp won this race there are maximum probablities of using EVM Machines tampering issue as publicity agenda.

Already CBI case about the assets of Chandrababu Naidu are chasing his back after long period of 14 years. In such a situation he is giving his maximum efforts to bring all the leaders who maintaned silent profile all this days under one roof and for that he utilised Chintamaneni residence as stage. 

 Precious Time has to answer to his efforts as it answered to ysr cp          

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