Monday, November 25, 2019

Whether BJP is having Chances in Andhrapradesh capital Area

BJP is having Chances in Andhrapradesh capital Area.

As seen from the day of formation of new Government in Andhrapradesh, the leaders are over anxited to dispute Andhrapradesh Capital issue.

Collapsing land market in Andhrapradesh Capital region had became main agenda for new elected leaders.   As per will and want  of newly elected leaders,  the land rates in Andhrapradesh Capital are collapsed along with that dreams of every individual, every common man, every middle class person dreams were collapsing day by day.

off the record  Some leaders targeted certain caste and community and with a conspiracy to financially discriminate that community  newly elected leaders conspired together and making false statements over Andhrapradesh capital. Neither those acts are due to hating TDP or some thing else because of political grudges, but those acts are only because of hating certain castes. 

But the ruling party forget that mixed castes are living in that area.  Especially people in Guntur, Krishna and those who have lands in Capital area and those who bought lands in Amaravathi are looking for a party or a support to secure their assets and their future hopes.        

T D  P is not a hope for the sufferers, because at present situation T D P itself is in self defence, in such a situation TDP is no way hope to those regions, because present political situations in Andhra state are transparent.

Then who is helping hand for Andhrapradesh Capital region sufferers?

Andhrapradesh people dont have any hope on Congress. Communist Parties at present cannot resist the acts of YSR  Congress in Andhrapradesh Capital issue, because the people need instant relief.

At present right now the only solution for Andhra people in Andhra capital issue is "BJP" . 

1. How Can BJP resolve Andhra capital issue ?
2. Whether Andhra BJP Leaders will come forward to resolve the Andhra capital issues?
3.If BJP is having opportunity in Andhra? in such a situation local leaders of BJP will work for the party  or not?  
4. In Andhrapradesh whether leaders are  committed to BJP or to their self ajenda?
5. Whether BJP utilise this opportunity to establish its kingdom  in Andhrapradesh or not ? if so possibilities?   
To be Continued.....
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