Monday, April 22, 2019

A short review on backdrops of communist parties in Andhra

Communism Dictionary  Meaning : A theory or system of social organisation in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

How do they work ?

Every year  Communist parties in India will conduct a meeting with active working members and other voluntary organisations associated with communist parties, in such meetings they will discuss about the Political and financial sector of the country. A complete discussion of topics regarding to  Corrupt practices in different sectors influencing the society and showing negative impact in democracy will be discussed in such meetings. From there they will discuss how to protest against such malpractices. 

After arriving to a conclusion on whose clutches the system is running and on whose favour the ruling parties are governing, the higher authorities in party will decide how to protest against the malpractices. 

After deciding , after arriving to a conclusion how the system is collapsing they use to protest against the white collar crimes and corrupt practice with the support and help of the social welfare organisations associated with them and along with public support. 

* Protest

The execution of maintaining balance in democratic country, as per the planning of the Communist parties are better when they are compared with other parties, but as per the fact sheet the communist parties are helping out the country to maintain balance, but failed to establish the parties in local region especially in Andhrapradesh, the reasons are herein discussed

1. Indira Gandhi Played a vital role in suppressing communist parties. Once upon a time in India  maximum classes of  people   are suffered with hunger, the reasons may be drought or fail in financial system of the country. When there is no food in a land to survive, the revolution raise with a single word of sense.  So nothing personal in the game played by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, It is a political strategy, no one will be benefited with no cause and without no benefit to others. The Schemes introduced by Indira Gandhi nourished new dreams among the poor, 5% impact shown as she expected, the necessity of protesting is some what not so required as previously after implementing some schemes. 

2. Every Political Party used to work efficiently in constituency wise, Communist parties are not exempted from such working. As when they decide to protest against the corrupt practices constituency wise, they have to fight against any one irrespective of parties, on such fight the party will gain respect and belief of the people, that they will stand for them when they suffer .  But coming to the political strategy, the national committee or state  committee will suddenly make an announcement that they alliance to a party on which the local leaders fight and fought hard against the malpractices and corrupt practices. So in such a situation public will lose a hope and belief on communist parties, thats what happened after 1985 in Andhra.

3. Division among communist parties and establishing separate parties in the name of communist is a blender mistake, which cannot be rectified unless they reunion. As the party was divided and spitted in many the communist parties lost their vote bank in middle class, lower middle class -A psychological aspect "why should I Vote if they wont won in the race" 

4.    No communist is against the customs and traditions which are healthy to environment and  to society that is the point accepted by every one.  The communist parties in Kerala Succeed in maintaining cordial relation with Sree Narayana Guru, Who believe in humanity as prima facie factor in each and every custom and tradition.  After Division of the communist parties especially in Andhrapradesh many forget the social reformers and adopt their policies.

5.    The communist parties are expected in a change in society and they administrated the keen roles on their parties as so. But the society now and future will stand on the foundations of Caste system. Now a days every political party is en-cashing this aspect. But communist parties believed in social welfare organisation and organisations and forget about the political strategy of caste system. The best example is KCR who concentrated in same aspect and got succeeded, failed to recognise that. With out power nothing changes, without power nothing comes, a change can give the power, on which, such change can help out to implement .    So it is advisable to switch the ideologies and adopt the fact. The suppressed class shall be recognised and  they shall be gathered into one roof for better political results.

6.    A doctor said that the bone was half broken and it shall be break again in full to set right the structure in part of treatment. To get command over the election commission it is not necessary to keep alliance with some other parties. The acts will result a negative opinion in public on which the party as usually without change. 

7.    Targeting single sector voters will survive the party for a generation and what about the next generation ? Every sector, Every one shall be invited into the party.  Middle class and lower middle class people are completely unseen and unknown to the parties and its activities. As generations are changed the way of protest is also getting changed. Now a days every one are educated, no one wanted them or their child to get behind bars or to step around the court premises. The soft revolution with hard impact is present protest culture, every one responds and are having silent opinions and impressions on the way of  protest. First the party cadre shall be liberal in expressing their thoughts, as well as give freedom to the members and for their views in every platform. It is an missing aspect in communist parties.

8.  The local cadre is not having direct links with state cadre, any opinion is to be shared shall be communicated with the help of middle men, no one knows how middle man convey the expression of local party members to bigboss and no one knows how bigboss understood the matter as well it is grave suspicious how big boss will convey it to bigger boss, unless the bossism is eradicated and a friendly relation was maintained with each and every member of the party in present situation the activities cannot be forwarded. (Just assume how a pressure cooker works and the situation can be understood.)  

Society never ever changes, the changes have to be made. Once one thing is started, obviously the trend continues. Have to adopt the mode of change.  Indians still  enjoying their rights, because of that, some parties along with communist parties are performing their duties on their part. But  the fact is that, if the parties remain without adopting the mode of change, there will be a day to count every day for the acts.